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Introducing our Advanced Chop Shop - this script sets a new standard in customization and player engagement. From its innovative reputation system to engaging contracts, we've crafted every detail to enhance your player's experience ensuring a smooth, immersive & engaging journey for every player.

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- Default compatibility with all major frameworks such as ESX & QBCore
- Easily adaptable to any framework with some technical know-how
- Built with performance in mind to run smoothly on the largest of servers
- More than 2,000+ lines of configurations possible
- Built-in and customizable reputation system
- One-of-a-kind highly customizable skill tree system
- High risk contracts involving on the road vehicles
- Unique and optional tool requirements such as lug wrenches & torches
- Customizable "Swap Shop" to exchanging parts earned from chopping
- Fully synced animations, props & particle effects
- Default support for phones such as QB, NPWD, Quasar, GKS, LB & YFlip

Want More?
For some people the TL;DR above isn't enough. Continue reading below!

Supports both major FiveM frameworks by default, ESX & QBCore, however the included open source bridge makes it easily adaptable to any framework. Furthermore, it supports all major targeting resources such as ox_target, qb-target & qtarget. All code related to targeting, progress bars & much more is open source and available to you allowing for maximum compatibility with your specific setup.

📊 Performance
Server and client performance is vital for a smooth experience, with our script you have nothing to worry about. With our frequent testing and constant optimizations, we've managed a minimal server and client impact (0.00-0.01ms at idle and during use), ensuring smooth and responsive gameplay even during peak server activity.

✏️ Customizability
Your server is unique, and your chop shop should be too. With over 2,200+ lines of configurations possible, you can make it your own. Each and every vehicle has its own settings ranging from reputation required, spawn chance, dispatch notification chance, parts received per part chopped & much more!

📈 Reputation System
Our reputation system ensures players are rewarded for their progress. No one enjoys doing the same task over and over again with no progression, benefits or rewards. With our highly customizable reputation system, you can ensure your players are remaining engaged with each and every job completed. Customize the reputation points required for each vehicle, skill unlocks and mastery points!

1️⃣ Mastery Points
Not only will you simply earn reputation as you progress through your vehicle chopping career, but you will also earn Mastery Points! Configure how much reputation must be earned before rewarding a Mastery Point which can then be used to unlock certain benefits such as faster dismantling, increasing parts earned, faster lockpicking and increasing the amount of money you per vehicle sold!

📝 Contracts
But wait.. There’s more! After a player has earned a certain (customizable) amount of reputation you define, they will unlock the most sought after contracts. Client requests, or contracts we call them sometimes are completely customizable to your liking - these are high end vehicles a client may request be chopped or vehicles they want to purchase themselves. They are being actively driven around the map and your GPS will receive periodic updates of their last position. Hurry up since the time is ticking! Only a certain number (you define) of contracts will be generated per player per server session.

🛒 Built-in Shops
Included with our Chop Shop are also two fully configurable shops. Starting with the tool shop which sells necessary tools needed to begin your chopping journey such as a lug wrench to remove wheels, a torch for removing doors and a lockpick for getting into those locked vehicles! Our Swap Shop is a location your players can exchange the parts they earned from chopping for whatever you allow! Money, dirty cash, items, materials, weapons - the choice is yours! Each shop can be customized entirely with different items, available times, blips & more. Don't want these shops or requirements? Disable it!

🎮 Plug n’ Play
Our script by default comes with over 150+ preconfigured locations and 80+ preconfigured vehicles. Which means less time spent setting it up and more time making it yours and getting it into your server for your players to enjoy sooner! I can hear them cheering for this update already..

♾️ Synced
Isn’t it annoying when a script has awesome animations, props and more but only the originating player is the one who can see it? Not anymore - every prop, animation and particle effect such as the torch effects are synced for all nearby players. Be careful, or the police may hear that vehicle alarm going off or the sound of your torch as you chop the vehicle down.

🚘And More
We still haven’t covered everything that is possible with our chop shop script. For those who love data we have a dedicated server-side logging file with customizable Discord webhooks per category for starting a mission, chopping a part, purchasing or swapping items, selling a vehicle and more! Automatic SQL injection makes your job easier when it comes to initial setup. Our optional version checker keeps you up-to-date if you so wish! The list goes on and on.

Don’t wait any longer. Upgrade your server today and provide your players with the most unique chop shop experience that can’t be found anywhere else! Do you have any questions? We're always available! Open a ticket in Discord or email us at!

⚠️ Dependencies (required):
ox_target, qb-target or qtarget

🛡️ Protected by Asset Escrow solution provided by Cfx.

Chop Shop

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