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Our Advanced Drug Sales is a drug selling resource for ESX & QBCore frameworks. Oftentimes, one of the most vital parts of a roleplaying server's economy is the criminal side. Most notably.. the drugs. However, what's a good drug system without a just as good, if not better - way to sell it? That's where Advanced Drug Sales come in. With Advanced Drug Sales you can completely customize how you want your drug selling to work. Create an unlimited amount of "zones" - these zones are important. Inside each zone you can customize every little detail. For example:

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- Make drug prices sell for more if police are online (optional per zone)
- Make drug prices increase x% for every police officer online (optional per zone)
- Require police be online to sell (optional per zone)
- Customize the number of police required to be online (optional per zone)
- Default support for cd_dispatch, ps-dispatch, qs-dispatch, linden_outlawalert (can add custom option)
- Disable selling drugs during day time (optional per zone)
- Allow your players be robbed by buyers (optional per zone)
- Customize the chance a robbery happens (optional per zone)
- Blacklist ped models from being sold drugs (customize per zone)
- Blacklist certain jobs from selling drugs
- Add a blip to the map for each zone (optional per zone)
- Customize which drugs can be sold in which zones
- Customize all animations, props, etc
- Enable Discord Webhook logs (optional)
- Set custom drug prices per zone (one area could have higher prices than another, etc)
- Use TextUI or a target system for interaction
- Idle (and in-use depending on configs) resmon of 0.00ms
- and much more!

The list goes on and on. These options are all per-zone as well. This means for example, you can have a zone at Grove Street where the drugs sell for a higher price because in this zone you also set the chance to get robbed higher than other area(s). Inside every zone you can customize which drugs are sold. So one area may only allow you sell XYZ while another zone you only allow ABC. Or, both zones can sell the same drugs but have varying prices, or varying chances to get robbed, or varying police requirements, or varying chances for police to get called.

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Drug Sales

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