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Our Advanced Money Laundering is a money wash script for ESX, QBCore & QBox frameworks. Upgrade your server's money washing experience with a far more engaging & immersive experience for your players! Reward your players progression with our highly customizable built-in XP system. With unlimited configuration options, you are given the freedom to build the money wash script of your dreams!

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- Default compatibility with all major frameworks such as ESX, QBCore & QBox
- Easily adaptable to any framework with some technical know-how
- Built with performance in mind to run smoothly on the largest of servers
- More than 600+ lines of configurations possible
- Built-in and completely customizable experience and leveling system
- Includes support for phones such as qb-phone, qs-smartphone (normal & pro), lb-phone, gksphone, npwd & yseries phones
- Includes support for dispatch systems such as cd_dispatch, qs-dispatch, ps-dispatch, core_dispatch, rcore_dispatch & more
- Includes support for vehicle key systems such as wasabi_carlock, okokGarage, qb-vehiclekeys, qs-vehiclekeys, cd_garage & more
- Includes support for fuel systems such as LegacyFuel, ox_fuel, ps-fuel, cdn-fuel, okokGasStation, nd-fuel & more
- Dedicated server-side logs file for Discord webhook integration
- Supports all types of dirty money (black_money, markedbills, with metadata or without, etc)

Want More?
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Supports all major FiveM frameworks by default, ESX ,QBCore & QBox - however the included open source bridge makes it easily adaptable to any framework. Furthermore, it supports all major targeting resources such as ox_target, qb-target & qtarget or you can use TextUI for all interactions - your choice! All code related to targeting, TextUI, progress bars & much more is open source and available to you allowing for maximum compatibility with your specific setup.

📊 Performance
Both client and server sided performance is vital to a successful server. We've spent countless hours optimizing and refining the ins-and-outs of this script to ensure servers of all sizes can enjoy our unique money washing script without issue!

✏️ Customizability
With over 600+ lines of configurations possible, you can tailor Advanced Money Laundering to not only fit your server's needs but make it completely your own. Customize how fast or slow leveling is, what tax rates are applied at each level, when users can access the sought-after warehouse & far more!

📈 Leveling System
Our built-in advanced experience & leveling system ensures players are rewarded for their progress. Not only the players but also ensures you have full control over the leveling system to fit your specific server and its needs. Adjust every aspect of the leveling system such as how much XP is rewarded for each level, the tax rates for each level, add or remove levels as you desire, set what level unlocks the warehouse access, negotiation success chance, rejection chance & more!

📱 Phone Integration
We provide default support for many phone systems such as: qb-phone, qs-smartphone, qs-smartphonepro, npwd, lb-phone, gksphone and yseries phones so you can create an even more interactive and immersive money wash experience. Don't see your phone listed? No worries! Set it to 'custom' and integrate your exports easily into the open source functions. Don't want to use a phone? No worries, you can use the default alert dialog instead.

🎮 Plug n’ Play
Spend less time setting up and more time getting into the action with over 75+ preconfigured locations, 75+ possible ped models, 7 different phone systems, 7 different dispatch systems, 6 different notification scripts, 7 different fuel systems and 8 different vehicle keys script all preconfigured and ready for you to enjoy! If you don't find your script or system included, it's made easy for you to add it!

🚘Vehicle Rentals
When a player begins a money laundering contract by default they are given a vehicle to use. Like everything else, you have full control over this feature including the option to disable it altogether. Customize which model is used or have the script randomly select one from a list of models, require the player pay a deposit in order to get a vehicle as well as the option to return the deposit when they return the vehicle (and customize how much is returned, if at all) & more!

💬 Negotiations
Offer your players the risk of negotiating with the ped offering to exchange their dirty money for a higher amount! With a simple config toggle you can enable (or disable) the negotiation feature which allows players to bargain further in hopes of receiving a greater exchanged amount. Every level has it's own negotiation chance value, meaning as they level up, they have a greater & greater chance of being accepted!

🏠 Warehouse
The warehouse is where all players want to be. After unlocking access to the warehouse, players are able to start laundering money more efficiently and in larger amounts! Control minimum & maximum limits, how long washing takes (could even be hours or days, your choice, it saves between restarts, logouts & more), require the purchase of a key or not, limit access to those with the correct level or leave open to anyone with a key & more!

Don’t wait any longer. Upgrade your server today and provide your players with the most unique money washing experience that can’t be found anywhere else! Do you have any questions? We're always available! Open a ticket in Discord or email us at!

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Money Laundering

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