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Our Advanced Scuba Diving script is the most engaging and interactive Scuba Diving script available! Engage your players with unforgettable roleplaying experiences as they search for and unlock mysteries hidden under the water. Set out solo or with a group of friends with our highly intuitive and advanced group management system!

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- Default compatibility with all major frameworks such as ESX & QBCore
- Easily adaptable to any framework with some technical know-how
- Built with performance in mind to run smoothly on the largest of servers
- Default support for phones such as QB, NPWD, Quasar, GKS, LB & YFlip
- Advanced group management system for diving with friends
- Dedicated server-side logging file for secure & detailed logs
- Toggle-able "Easy Mode" to make diving easier & faster
- Includes advanced Scuba Gear equipment with live oxygen timer
- Customize Scuba Gear duration, cooldown, price & more
- Built-in configurable boat rental option with deposits, return & more
- Highly configurable crate opening reward system
- Edit all animations, props, locations, models & much more

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✅ Compatibility
Supports both major FiveM frameworks by default, ESX & QBCore, however the included open source bridge makes it easily adaptable to any framework. Furthermore, it supports all major targeting resources such as ox_target, qb-target & qtarget or you can use TextUI for all interactions - your choice! All code related to targeting, TextUI, progress bars & much more is open source and available to you allowing for maximum compatibility with your specific setup.

📊 Performance
Optimized for performance, our script ensures that your underwater adventures don't bog down server resources. Through frequent testing and constant optimizations, we've maintained a minimal server and client impact, ensuring smooth and responsive gameplay even during peak server activity. Expect consistent, high performance as your players explore the ocean's depths.

✏️ Customizability
Tailor nearly every aspect of our Scuba Diving script with extensive customization options. Our configuration file offers countless options, allowing you to personalize everything. Including how long oxygen lasts while underwater, equipment cooldowns, boat rentals, built-in anchoring, every prop and animation, crate rewards (including chances and quantities) and so much more!

📝Group System
Social and group activities are vital for roleplaying servers. With our built-in intuitive and secure group management system your players can freely organize group diving sessions in which every member is a vital part of the diving experience. Rather set out on your own adventure? That's fine too!

📱 Phone Integration
With support for various phone systems such as: NPWD, GKS Phone, LB-Phone, qb-phone, Quasar Smartphone and YFlip Phone, you can create an even more unique and immersive diving experience. Don't see your phone listed? No worries! Set it to 'custom' and integrate your exports into the open source functions and you're set! Don't want to use the phone at all? No worries, you can opt to use just a simple notification system instead!

🤿 Scuba Gear
Included with our Advanced Scuba Diving script is also the necessary equipment needed to get out there! Including a live countdown of remaining oxygen and configurable cooldowns between uses. Allow your players to purchase the Scuba Gear directly from the activity menu with a configurable price or remove it and make the Scuba Gear obtainable by other means!

📦 Crate System
Once a player has found and picked up a lost crate from the ocean floor, what they find inside is decided by you! Freely add or remove as many possible rewards as you wish as well as customize how many different items can be rewarded when opened. Customizable all items, the chance per item, and the minimum and maximum quantities possible per item! Reward them with materials, weapons or even hide various other items required for other activities such as robberies deep in the water - the choice is yours.

🔒 Job Requirement
Our Scuba Diving resource can be configured to your liking. If you'd prefer this be an activity available to all players at any time, great! If not, you can also lock the ability to do Scuba Diving behind a specific job requirement.

🛥️ Boat Rentals
Your players can use their own boat if they have one or they can purchase a rental when they start the activity! Furthermore you can disable this option as well to require players bring and use their own boats. If you'd prefer providing the rental option, then of course you can choose between offering rentals for free or for a configurable price! Optionally enable other features such as the anchoring system, giving vehicle keys and setting the fuel level!

🎉 Easy Mode
Do you like to provide a challenge to your players? Then set the Easy Mode config to false! Disabling Easy Mode will make sure the blip location provided on the map is not giving away the exact location of the crate when it's assigned, requiring players to search the area instead of diving straight down and finding the crate.

Don’t wait any longer. Upgrade your server today and provide your players with the most unique scuba diving experience that can’t be found anywhere else! Do you have any questions? We're always available! Open a ticket in Discord or email us at!

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Scuba Diving

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