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Our Advanced Weed Growing is the most feature rich and performance friendly weed growing script available for FiveM. With unparalleled attention to detail, this script stands as the most sophisticated and popular weed growing solution available. We've meticulously engineered every aspect to deliver an immersive and interactive experience that elevates the gameplay for your community.

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- Default compatibility with all major frameworks such as ESX & QBCore
- Easily adaptable to any framework with some technical know-how
- Built with performance in mind to run smoothly on the largest of servers
- More than 550+ lines of configurations possible
- Includes 30 custom weed plant props to create unique strains of your own
- Built-in admin plant management menu to make admin tasks a breeze
- Configure multiple seed farm locations each with unique options
- Includes highly configurable "Smoke on the Water" shop with plant care products
- One-of-a-kind interactive plant placement system
- Comprehensive plant growth algorithm completely adjustable to your liking
- Designate special areas where players can roll their own joints
- Smokable joints with effects such as health boosts, armor, speed & much more

Want More?
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✅ Compatibility
Supports both major FiveM frameworks by default, ESX & QBCore, however the included open source bridge makes it easily adaptable to any framework. Furthermore, it supports all major targeting resources such as ox_target, qb-target & qtarget or you can use TextUI for all interactions - your choice! All code related to targeting, TextUI, progress bars & much more is open source and available to you allowing for maximum compatibility with your specific setup.

📊 Performance
With hundreds of hours spent “under the hood” ensuring proper scalability, performance & stability to work with even the largest of servers, you can rest assured knowing your dedicated server (or VPS’s) performance will remain strong, smooth and virtually uninterrupted no matter the demand. In our stress tests we’ve handled over 1,000+ actively growing plants with a server sided (and client) resmon of just 0.02ms! Needless to say, on idle (and oftentimes while in-use, depending on your configurations) the resmon remains 0.00ms.

✏️ Customizability
With over 550+ lines of configurations possible in the config file alone - your imagination is the only limit! Included with the purchase of Advanced Weed Growing is also 30 custom weed plant props which can be used to create your own unique weed strains! If you’d like to see what options are included, click here to learn more.

🌿 Management
Dealing with your database directly can be burdensome and risky. That’s why we’ve included an extensive in-game administrative plant management menu available only to you and your administrators! Allowing you the ability to quickly & easily manage every active plant on the map. Teleport, set waypoints, create blips, search by owner, delete & more!

🔍 Searching
Giving your players a source of seeds is important to get them started. You can use the pre-configured seed farm provided and/or create an unlimited amount of your own! Each location can be completely unique with the ability to customize what seeds are available, the chance to find each seed type, the quantity of each type rewarded when found & more!

🛒 Shopping
A built-in “Smoke on the Water” shop is provided that provides all necessary plant care items but can be customized to your needs. Don’t need it at all? Simply disable it! You have full control over what items are sold here - including the ability to remove existing items or even add new ones! Set specific hours at which the shop is available, set minimum & maximum quantities a player can purchase at once & much more!

🪣 Planting
Our one-of-a-kind interactive plant placement system gives your players unique control over where they place their plant. With built-in collision and optional (and configurable) soil checks, you can have confidence knowing plants are placed where you approve. Make the entire map plantable or only specific areas, certain soils & more. Completely customize what items are required to plant such as plant pots, shovels, etc. Set max plant counts, require police online & much more - the choice is yours!

📈 Growth
Our comprehensive plant growth algorithm is robust and completely adjustable to your liking! To maximize the harvest, players must ensure the plant has been tended to well by keeping the plant(s) sufficiently fertilized and watered. Neglecting the plant(s) care may not only result in poor quality and low harvests but even plant death! Customize death thresholds, water & fertilizer impacts, growth time & much more!

🌱 Harvesting
Every strain is completely unique allowing you to set varying harvests based on the strain! A max harvest is only achieved when a plant completes its growth cycle at good quality or above, which is a figure you can define. When police come in contact with a plant they are given a unique menu allowing them to only destroy the plant and no ability to harvest, tend to, etc.

🗞️ Rolling
Designate special areas where players can roll their own joints using their freshly harvested buds. Make each session unique by deciding what it takes to roll one up. Maybe it's just the buds, or perhaps they need rolling papers or empty baggies. Each type of joint can take a different amount of time to roll, reflecting the quality and effort put in. Also, assign limits on how many they can roll at once to combat AFK-ing!

🚬 Smoking
Our smoking system isn't just about lighting up; it's about the experience. Create effects the players can feel with customizable benefits - maybe a health boost, additional armor, a burst of speed, timecycle effects, walk styles & screen shakes - all optional and all configurable per joint! Already have a system in place for smoking joints? No worries, just disable it!

📋 And More..
We still haven’t covered everything that is possible with our Advanced Weed Growing resource. For those who love data we have a dedicated server-side logging file with customizable Discord webhooks per category for searching, planting, watering, fertilizing, harvesting and more! Automatic SQL injection makes your job easier when it comes to initial setup. Our optional version checker keeps you up-to-date if you so wish! The list goes on and on.

Don’t wait any longer. Upgrade your server today and provide your players with the most unique weed growing experience that can’t be found anywhere else! Do you have any questions? We're always available! Open a ticket in Discord or email us at support@lationscripts.com!

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Weed Growing

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